Still Life With Summer


The moments that we don’t yet have
are gorgeous, deep-focus moments.
Moments frozen in warm light.
Each seed on the red skin of the sliced
strawberry is as solid as sand in our teeth.
Forty-two stones to our tongues.
And the sweet meat, ninety-four fibers
fading pink to white, each intricate strand
interwoven and frayed and reaching.
All else is bokeh, my love. A beautiful blur.
All else is background. A spider’s song.
The heart of a web is the eye.

One thought on “Still Life With Summer

  1. I love what you did here. And yes, using a newly-learned beautiful word just begs for a poem.
    I am a photographer, too.
    That is, when I’m on my feet. That won’t be for a while. I broke my leg on 2/14 and can’t put any weight on it until maybe mid-May. Good thing I have good friends helping and I’m still writing every day.
    Thanks for posting this link to FB.

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