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Follow-up to “The Gender Question” is coming tomorrow, but in the meantime, here are a few links of interest.


Most importantly, Rattle now has an active Facebook page.  We’re going to be posting regular updates there, event notices, news, things like that.  Please, please, please add it and tell your poetic-minded friends to add it.  VPR has over a thousand friends. I want over a thousand friends!


The first serious review of American Fractal is up online at American Book Review, one of four reviews in this month’s LineOnLine supplement (click here to download the PDF). The review is mixed, with some high praise and some consternation. I’m not 100% sure what he means when he says that “form is a corset.” When he complains, his only complaint is that some of the poems have too much closure — he prefers those that are more open-ended. The whole point of the book was to have both, so I don’t mind that criticism at all. Actually, when it comes to criticism, I might care less than any poet in the world, for about sixty different reason — maybe I’ll make a post about those reasons sometime. It’s an honor to be considered that thoroughly and thoughtfully. (And the reaction is mostly good, besides.)


If you couldn’t make the Cowboy Poetry Reading, you’re in luck, because has already posted the video from it. Just click the images of any of the seven poets on the front page, and it will take you to YouTube.  The reading was a lot of fun — I meant to make a post about it. Maybe I still will.  While you’re at, though, browse around the rest of the site.  It’s a wonderful service they do for the local poetry community, one I’ve taken advantage of myself.  They’ve recorded over a hundred local and visiting poets; you could spend days watching.

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  1. I’ll go check out that review. I certainly wouldn’t worry about any seeming “negative” – I know whenever I review a book, I sometimes or many times will have some kind of editorial comment bladdity blah blah on there. I guess my time is coming with my novel – not looking forward to it, even though I understand it.

  2. Looking back at this post, it looks like I’m whining about the review, since you can’t tell my tone is sincere — I really don’t care, and it is an honor just to be taken that seriously. Maybe I should have explained more about that — it’s a real thrill for me to be critqued as if I’m worth a no-holds-barred critique like that…like the book is worth real literary analysis. It’s kinda awesome to me.

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