Hackers Need to Get a Life

Do we need to start a Get-The-Hackers-Laid fund? You’re telling me seriously that you don’t have anything better to do on on a Friday night? Chase.com, whitehouse.org I could see, but this is lame. The least you could do is something cool, like change our name to Prattle.

I actually got a hate email at about the same time as I noticed this, so it has me wondering… Judging by its diction, though, I doubt this disgruntled submitter has the know-how to hack into our web server.


EDIT: Fixed.

2 thoughts on “Hackers Need to Get a Life

  1. You know, it could have been a disgruntled writer whose work was rejected. Perhaps instead of a Get-The-Hackers-Laid fund, you should start a Get-The-Hackers-To-Workshop fund or a Get-The-Hackers-To-Therapy fund. Although, I suppose getting laid is all the therapy some people need. (Then again, if that’s all the therapy you need, you may not be such an interesting writer. Ah, literary stereotypes: when the beret met the broiler.)

    Anyway, glad to see the site back up.

  2. Hehe, I don’t know, though…I think it was random. If it was some angry writer, wouldn’t they do something more than just tag that the site was hacked? They could wrote “Rattle smells” or something, even that would make more sense.

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