Interview with Outsider Writers

Usually I feel too inhibited to post a lot of personal information here.  But when people ask me personal questions directly, I have no problem talking about myself. Over the weekend, I did an interview with Outsider Writers, which they’ve already posted online, here. Topics range from where I grew up and how I fell into this job, to the new slam issue, to the state of poetry in the U.S., and where it’s headed. So if you’re wondering where the hell I came from, there you go.

As I mention in the interview, I don’t know if I could count myself as an outsider writer, or Rattle as an outsider publication, but the guild has a mission statement I can get behind, and we’re certainly outsiders at heart. Don’t just read the interview; browse around and join up.


While I’m posting links, I have short story that just came out online at Flashquake, and a poem at Strange Horizons.

For online reading, I’ve been turning more and more to two places, that I’ve been meaning to pass along. Arts and Letters Daily just posts links to the most interesting articles — I’m sure this is old news to a lot of people, but somehow I only just found this place, and I could spend all day there. I’ve also been loving the literary discussions at Wet Asphalt; their perspective is different from mine, and everything I read feels like a well-deserved kick in the pants. I like that.

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