November Notes

Apparently American Fractal is available on!  I had no idea.  Click this link to preorder at 32% off the cover price.  I always see authors saying you should buy the book from one particular vendor instead of another, but I don’t know if there’s a best way to buy this book — just buy it somewhere.


Also, I’ve heard word that there’s some sort of mailer flying around the USPS delivery chain, so if you asked to get the flyer, or if I took the liberty, check your mail box.


In far more frustrating news, I’m having trouble with the Rattle website again. The blog’s database is connecting very slowly, and often timing out.  The tech guy says I have inefficent scripts, but I don’t even know what that means, let alone how to fix it.  I’m trying a few things.  Everything on there is so basic, and there’s so much extra space on that host account that I can’t believe that’s what the problem really is.  I’m hoping it’s some glitch that they’re going to fix but don’t want to admit to.  In the meantime, I go a little more bald, and pray it’s not hackers again.


Speaking of servers and the like, I moved this blog to a new server last week, and I remembered to save everything except for my “Blogroll” links.  So if you’re reading this, and you have a blog, I’d like to link to you.  Comment below and I’ll add you.  When I have a moment free I’m going to add back everyone I can think of.


For anyone who really wants to be a stalker, all of our wedding photos are now on this page.  The slideshow takes awhile to load, as there are almost 200 pictures in the gallery, and I can’t see how it’s worth it to anyone but friends and family, but there you go.


If I ever get Rattle‘s blog server functioning again, there’s going to be some great daily content added over the next couple months.  Many of the poets from last summer’s issue have already sent me audio of them reading their work to include, and most of the 30 or so visual poems are going to go online, too.  I also plan on adding clips of the actual audio from Alan’s interviews, starting with Marvin Bell’s.  So if you have any ideas about what’s going on with the server, help!

5 thoughts on “November Notes

  1. Tim:

    Shoot me a few details and I’ll see what I might be able to do to help Rattle’s servers out. I’d want to know:

    * what blog software are you using (MovableType, WordPress, etc.)?
    * what operating system (Windows, Linux, etc.)
    * what database (Postgresql, MySQL, etc.)
    * what web host (Media Temple, Bluehost, etc.)
    * do you know if this is a “dedicated” (VPS) or “shared” host?
    * any other details on the symptoms you are experiencing…

    Shoot me a private email and we can go from there. No promises, as I’m pretty slammed right now, but I optimize this kind of stuff for a living.


  2. Hi, Tim: 9 November 2009.
    After submitting 16 poems and $72.00 to RATTLE,and not having even one receive any attention, I’m somewhat hesitant to continue to try to find one or more of my 1,000+ poems that RATTLE might consider; plus time itself, is not on my side and at age 88-years, I may not be around at this pace, to hang in there with you until you decide to accept something from me, for publication.Willing to try but need to hear from you.Take Care. /s/ Bruce Kingery

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