Poets Cafe Interview with Timothy Green (full)

I assumed KPFK would rather have me send listeners to their website, so I only posted a clip from this last week.  Quite the contrary, host Lois P. Jones asked if I’d post the whole thing, so it has a permanent home.  I just posted the first segment, with Peggy Dobreer.  Here’s the second, with me — about 25 minutes long. I read “Cooking Dinner,” “Playing Our Part,” “After Hopper,” “Impressionism,” and “The Body.” Talk about fractals, the theme of my book, Rattle as a rogue journal, and the importance of poetry to society.


  1. It was an uplifting joyful experience to listen to the interview of Tim Green by Lois P. Jones.
    Tim’s poetry gives both excitement and tranquility to the mind.
    With her sensitive questions Lois leads the poet to open his or her mind and heart.

  2. Loved the poems and the interview. I read Rattle years ago and am happy to see it’s thriving.

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