Sunday SciKu | Enteral Ventilation

Some fish can survive in hypoxic water by gulping air from the surface and absorbing oxygen through their intestines. It turns out mammals can perform this life-saving feat as well. In a study published this week in the journal Med, researchers were able extend the lives of suffocating mice and pigs by delivering an oxygen-rich solution through the anus.

Though the methodology of this animal study was disturbing and ethically questionable, the research might end up saving many lives. We all know now after the pandemic how damaging mechanical ventilation is to fragile lung tissue—early Covid treatments often caused more damage to patients than the disease itself. Ventilators and ECMO machines are also scarce or entirely unavailable in many rural areas. The ability to oxygenate a suffocating patient with a simple enema is an important discovery if it proves to be safe.

This week’s sciku is more of a senryu …


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