The Beaded Curtain

I’m proud to announce that my lovely wife and Rattle‘s assistant editor Megan O’Reilly Green’s chapbook, The Beaded Curtain, is now available for preorder from Spire Press.  We don’t have any cover shots or blurbs yet — frankly, we’re surprised to learn that it’s coming out in June(?); we were thinking it’d probably be the fall.  But I can tell you that, in all honesty and with a bit of jealousy, that her collection of poems is better than mine — more thematically tight and polished, each poem fitting like pieces to a jigsaw puzzle.

We don’t have a book description yet, either, but I’d call it something like an agnostic’s journey through the carnival of spirituality.  All the bright lights and laughter, a new claim on truth in each tent.  A culmination of her time spent at the new-age oasis that is Evergreen State College, The Beaded Curtain is the best of poetry — an answer-seeking introspection, set to the music of images and moments.

I don’t talk about my personal life much on this blog (and I never know whether or not I should start), but Megan and I knew each other as poets before we knew each other as people, and I’m very happy to see her finally put a collection into print.  I argued that she should add another dozen poems and make it a full-length, but she refuses to fluff, so there is no fluff.

You can read two poems from the book on

The perfect-bound, black and white chapbook is part of a series of seven, including two by regular Rattle contributors, Michelle Battiste and Maureen Alsop.  The pre-publication sale is a packaged deal — buy all seven books for just $25 — which I think is a great marketing strategy, as well as a really good deal…that’s less than $4 a book!  So order now; I promise you won’t regret it.

2 thoughts on “The Beaded Curtain

  1. I’m so excited about this! Meg’s writing is incredible, and I can’t wait to have a published collection of it in my hands.

  2. If the poems on the website are any indication, they are stunning. Whether a “Believer” or an “Agnostic” anyone can certainly relate at some point in their life to “Sprituality Workshop” and the listening and searching for signs, hoping to connect to that “Higher Power”, wondering if you missed an epiphany.

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