16 Days

That’s how long I lasted.  I wanted to try writing a post every weekday, and I could barely keep it up for half a month.  Megan always talks about trying to set attainable goals, and I think I did a bad job.  How do the real bloggers do it?  Don’t you get tired? Don’t you run out of things worth mentioning?

Well, I think a more realistic goal is three posts per week.  Sometimes four, but never less than two.  What do you say?


Now that we have that cleared up, anyone in the LA-area should come to one of my two readings next week.  If you’re a southwestsider, come to the Coffee Cartel in Redondo Beach on Tuesday 2/24.  1820 South Catalina Ave.  Larry Colker graciously hosts.  I read there a few years ago, and I have to say, it was one of the best experiences I’ve had reading in LA — a large and attentive regular crowd, and a nice venue.  I’m looking foward to it.

Even more, though, I’m looking forward to reading with Holly Prado and my friend Nicole Bestard at Skylight Books on Friday 2/27.  It will be a shorter set, divided amongst 5 readers, but it’s going to be fun!


Before I head off to bed, here’s a quick thank you to Donald Mace Williams for leaving American Fractal a very nice review on Amazon.com.  The book description is so clinical and the blurbs so fancy — not to mention being ranked among “pure math” textbooks — that I was starting to worry that it appears too off-putting.  And Don came to the rescue.  The truth is, it’s a very accessible book — you don’t even have to know what a fractal is to enjoy it; the math is just one structural/thematic layer.  It’s a book to enjoy, not to be intimidated by.

If anyone else who’s read the book wants to write a quick review, I’d be just as grateful.  Looking at that page, I noticed Patricia Smith’s brilliant Blood Dazzler only has two customer reviews — I’m halfway there!

Why do I have to be so competitive?


Speaking of which, I spent the last two afternoons trying to balance Rattle‘s annual budget.  It’s one of the few chances I get to measure success in a tangible way, so I take full advantage, comparing expenses and income versus previous years, and charting it all out.  Here I’m being competitive with no one, really, but myself, and maybe that’s the best way to do it.  I don’t want to mention real numbers, but let’s just say it’s been a pretty good year.

Not that we can sniff out even a single wayward molecule of fiscal solvency, but we get a little bit closer every year, and maybe my lifelong dream of having a poetry magazine that pays for itself at some point in my lifetime isn’t impossible after all.  Hell, I’m only 28, right?

2 thoughts on “16 Days

  1. I too have problems posting on my blog. There are too many times when I think what I really want to post is silly and people don’t really want to read it.

    I try to post at least once a week. That is my goal. Sometimes it happens sometimes it doesn’t

  2. Being from the deep south, one never really runs out of things to say, interesting or not.

    Will you be in Louisiana reading at some point? Kudos on Rattle’s continued success.

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