See you in Chicago

Well, I’m off to the AWP tomorrow morning, but today’s going to be too busy for a proper post.  I will try to do some live-blogging from the conference, assuming free internet access is easy to find.  What does that mean?  Cell phone pics of Mark Doty shuffling through throngs of autograph seekers?  My cell phone doesn’t have a camera, but I’ll do my best, and try to provide a behind-the-scenes look at the goings-on, as well as the mental state of one chained to a booth for four days straight without a lovely assistant.  David Blaine I am.

I’m actually not getting in until Wednesday night.  A lot of people are on planes already, but what do I care about set up day, when it only takes a few minutes to stack some books on a table?  I’ll probably be getting to the hotel around 9pm, so if you have any tips for a place to have a late first dinner, let me know.

Also, authors, if you have any review copies you want to hand me personally while I’m there, I’ll probably read them this week, and maybe post about them.  I’m bringing all the copies of Rattle I can in two suitcases, so there’s no room for personal reading, and the first couple days at the book fair, in particular, tend to be slow.

6 thoughts on “See you in Chicago

  1. Well, I guess it would help if I actually gave you the information, wouldn’t it? sheesh.

    “It depends on what he likes. Steak – Chicago Chop House, Seafood- Cape Cod Room Both are very pricey.

    I tend to eat in neighborhoods.

    Andie’s(Mediterranian) – in the Andersonville area
    La Creperie (French)- Lakeview Area
    Heartland Cafe(Organic – Vegan) – Rogers Park

    Any thoughts what kind of food?”

    Sorry about that.

  2. I really thought that said something about Mark Doty shuffling around in a thong at first. Which would definitely be cell-phone-picture-worthy.

  3. Haha, I wouldn’t be all that surprised, either!

    Sarah, thanks for going to all the trouble, that was sweet of you. The vegan place is on my itinerary!

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